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Our next call for applications will start in August, 2017."; $timename="Jan 2017"; $call ="14th call"; #number of call $htmltag="You can use the HTML tag <br> for line breaks, but DON'T put the statements themselves into angle brackets."; ### Data base table names for current and past calls ### $tablename="imprs2016july"; $tablename_projects="imprs2016july_projects"; ### LINKS ### $infolink=""; $uploadlink=""; ### categories of PhD projects offered ### $categ=array("Atmosphere","Biosphere","Soil","Paleoclimate"); # are included in data base $header=array("Atmosphere & Ocean","Biosphere & Ecosystems","Soils & Below Ground","Paleoclimate"); $keywords=array("Soil","Atmosphere","Programming","Radiocarbon","Trace gas","Field work"); $skills=array("Spectroscopic Techniques","Microscopic Techniques","Molecular Techniques","Microbiology Methods","Programming","Modeling","Statistics","Machine Learning","Remote Sensing","GIS"); $background=array("Biogeochemistry","Environmental Science","Geoscience","Physics","Atmospheric Science","Meteorology","Ecology","Geography","Remote Sensing","Biology","Computer Science","Mathematics","Chemistry","Soil Science","Mineralogy"); ### data policy ### $data_policy = "The information that you and your referees submit during the application for admission to the IMPRS-gBGC will be accessible to the IMPRS-gBGC coordination office and potential PhD supervisors associated with the IMPRS-gBGC. We will not pass on your data to third parties. By submitting this form, you express your consent with this policy."; ### Intros, confirmation messages, additional info ### $project_intro = "The following PhD projects have been offered during the ". $call ." for applications. Online application has been possible from " . date("F d, Y",strtotime($start_application)) . " through " . date("F d, Y",strtotime($deadline)) . ". [>> learn more & apply]
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Note that we can only consider you as a candidate for the IMPRS-gBGC if you submit all necessary documents, i.e.

before the application deadline on ".date("F d, Y",strtotime($deadline)).".

We have sent an email to each of your chosen referees to request a letter of reference that should be send to us (". $email_imprs . ") from the referee's official email account. It is your responsibility to make sure that the letters of reference arrive in time. All letters that we receive by ".date("F d, Y",strtotime($deadlineLOR))." will be fully considered.

Below is a summary of the information you have entered in the registration form. Please check if all information is correct."; $signature="Best regards,

Steffi Rothhardt

Dr. Steffi Rothhardt
Coordinator IMPRS-gBGC
Hans-Knoell-Str. 10, 07745 Jena, Germany
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To complete your application for a PhD position, please upload your application documents as PDFs <5 MB (detailed explanation, please read).

You do not need to submit all PDFs at once, but please note that we can only consider your application if all the documents have been submitted before the application deadline on ".date("F d, Y",strtotime($deadline)).".

After you have uploaded your files, you cannot change or access them. In case of emergency, you can send a PDF that needs updating to the program coordinator (". $email_imprs . ").

Please make sure your chosen referees send their letters of reference from their official email accounts to ". $email_imprs . " in time. All letters that we receive by ".date("F d, Y",strtotime($deadlineLOR))." will be fully considered.

You will be notified in ". $notification_time ." if you have been selected to take part in the IMPRS recruitment event on " . $recruitment .".

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>> more information on the procedure and the recruitment symposium

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