Welcome to the Earth System Science PhD Conference, 13-15 March in Jena, Germany!

The conference brings together early-stage and advanced PhD researchers within the broad domain of Earth system sciences. The four main sessions with keynote speakers focus on past, present and future changes (both natural and anthropogenic) in the Earth system, the last session will be hands-on workshops that focus on different data analysis techniques in environmental sciences.
As we specifically welcome early stage researchers, there will be opportunities to present and discuss your initial research ideas, or if you have (preliminary) results, to show these before a broad audience of your peers. The interactive program allows you to talk to other experts, to join one of the hands-on workshops and of course to establish or broaden your scientific network.

ESPC 2019 is the 3rd edition of the PhD conference on Earth system science (PhD-ESS), previously hosted in Jena (2014) and Mainz (2015). The 2019 edition has a new name, logo and website, and is brought to you by 9 PhD students affiliated with the IMPRS-gBGC.

The conference

Earth system and climate scientists focus their research on multiple Earth spheres (ocean, atmosphere, biosphere and soils) and the interactions between them. At ESPC 2019 you can meet with experimentalists and modellers from all spheres to view your very specific or broad and multidisciplinary topic, in a broader context.
To enable this, the conference includes three thematic sessions and one session with workshops that focus on
1) understanding natural processes; 2) anthropogenic activities; 3) predictions and vulnerability of the Earth system; and 4) research skills & methods.

Natural processes

Understanding how the natural processes affect the Earth system.
With keynote speaker Dr. Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx.

Anthropogenic activities

Understanding how the anthropogenic activities affect the Earth system.
With keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein.

Prediction and vulnerability

Prediction and vulnerability of the Earth system.
With keynote speaker Dr. Natalie Krivova.

Skills and methods

Workshop: Skills and methods for Earth system research. Share and learn new skills.
With keynote speaker Dr. Jakob Runge.


Registration is open!

The registration for the Earth System PhD Conference 2019 is now open!

  • 05.11.2018

The registration fee is 100 € and includes catering for lunch and coffee breaks throughout the conference. Unfortunately, travel and accomodation costs are not included and we cannot offer any grants for them.
Please sign up until 15th February, 2019!