Get to know your fellow participants accompanied by a nice drink and some snacks in one of the cozy bars in Jena's city center!

We'll meet on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in Café Immergrün, a small bar in Jena's city centre.

Hike & Dinner

Join us for a hike to get some fresh air followed by a dinner in a rustic brewery.


The conference’s social activity starts at 18:00 on Wednesday after the poster session. As a start, we will have an easy hike for about 1.5 hour to relax in the tranquil surrounding of the Jena forest to unwind after a busy conference day.
During the hike, we will discover some fascinating historical sights of Jena:
1) the monument of Ernst Haeckel, the renowned German biologist (1834-1919) most famous for his work on radiolaria, the site is also a viewpoint,
2) the Forst Tower, a war memorial built in 1874 to commemorate the fallen Jena battalion during the Franco-Prussian War during 1870-1871,
and 3) the dramatic-looking Bismarck Tower which was built in 1909 through the initiatives of students including Ernst Haeckel himself to commemorate the visit from Bismarck (the first chancellor of the German Empire, 1871-1890) in 1892 to Jena.

At the end of the hike, we will arrive at the conference dinner venue at the Papiermühle Brewery.


The Papiermühle Brewery is a historical mill where records about its operation could be traced back to at least during the 13th century. Today, it is a beer garden and restaurant beloved among the residents of Jena to unwind over a mug of refreshing beer brewed directly from its own brewery operating since 1994, as well as to sample some of the delicious regional delicacies such as the Thüringer Klöße (Thuringen potato dumplings).

For those that would like to enjoy a nice dinner without the hike it is easy to take public transport to the restaurant and meet up with the hikers there.

*Food and drinks during the icebreaker and the social activity are on your own expenses. They are not included in the registration fee.