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In cooperation with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry houses a unique and flexible research program that grants German and foreign students a broad selection of learning opportunities while still maintaining a research focus.
The IMPRS-gBGC offers a PhD program specializing in global biogeochemistry and related Earth System sciences. The overall research and teaching focuses on:

  • Improved understanding of biogeochemical processes with an emphasis on terrestrial ecosystems [more...]
  • Development of observational techniques to monitor and assess biogeochemical feedbacks in the earth system [more...]
  • Theory and model development for improving the representation of biogeochemical processes in comprehensive earth system models [more...]

Upcoming courses & events

(February 20-21, 2018)
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Atmosphere, Ocean & Land
(February 26 - March 9, 2018)
>> details & registration

(March 1-2, 2018)
>> details on the webpage

Academic Writing
(March 20-21, 2018)
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The Dark Side of Science
(April 26-27, 2018)
>> here is detailed information

Career planning
(May 22-23, 2018)
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Grant Proposal Writing
(September 27-28, 2018)
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How to finish your PhD
(October 22, 2018)
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Join us!

We accept applications to the IMPRS-gBGC twice a year.

News from our partners

The Graduate Academy of the FSU Jena, also on facebook

The Collaborative Research Center AquaDiva at the FSU Jena

The Graduate School HIGRADE in Leipzig / Halle

The yDiv Research Training Group in Leipzig

Jena School for Microbial Communication at the FSU Jena

News, events and training
on Beutenberg Campus in Jena

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